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Caiman Tail Loop (OC-CAV)

Caiman Tail Loop (OC-CAV)

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The Caiman Tail Loop is One Control's newest programmable switcher. This incredibly compact 5 loop programmable switcher features all the basic, yet important features a musician needs. Caiman Tail Loop gives you quick access to up to 150 preset effect combinations, via 6 lanes, 5 programmable banks, and 5 programs per bank. The unit offers MIDI compatibility, with each preset storing 5 MIDI PC and 5 CC messages, and also allows you to send 2 latch/unlatch switch signals, for changing amp channels, etc. You can use the Caiman Tail Loop it either Program mode or Direct mode, in which each of 5 effect loops is activated individually. You may also bypass the entire switcher and all effects completely. Caiman Tail Loop features six DC power outputs for powering your effects.

• 150 presets (6 lanes, 5 programmable banks, 5 programs per bank)
• Program 5 MIDI PC and 5 CC messages in each preset
• Send 2 latch/unlatch switch signals
• Two modes (Direct and Program)
• True-bypass present on all loops
• Six 9V DC outputs
• Current Draw: 220 mA
• Recommended Power Supply: EPA-2000 (not included)

Dimensions: 440 (w) x 62 (d) x 49 (h) mm
Weight: 620g
Power Supply: Standard 9V DC center-negative adapter. We recommend the EPA-2000.

Caiman Tail Loop Manual.pdf

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