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Our original Purple Plexifier Distortion was the first pedal we have made as an “amp-in-the-box” style of pedal. The brand-new Purple PLEXIDIST is the latest version of this circuit that modernly brushes up the tone of the original with brand new art and updated tone.

What is the Purple Plexidist? This style of distortion is a classic that transcends time and will always be loved by guitarists. A tone that is vintage, classic, and a standard. Legendary tone that forms the foundation of the rock genre. And since we have put it into a pedal form, it is easy to carry and use anywhere, without troublesome maintenance or weight.

With our new One Control PPD, you can make that tone simple and easy. The word “Plexi” simply means a transparent board made of acrylic. How did it become to be applied to rock guitar sounds? The classic British-made amplifier that most guitarists love had a control panel made of plexiglass (acrylic plate) made around 1969 and used by some of the most famous guitarists of the 1970s until the modern day.

Back in 1962, the PA systems were very underpowered and usually only used for vocals. Guitar amplifiers were made to be powerful for a larger sound to keep up with the band. These guitarists helped to create the sound of rock, and top guitarists from all over the world have demonstrated the power onstage of this sound. Even today, many famous guitarists record and tour with their precious “plexi” amps to have this sound, so the legend of this amp continues to have an overwhelming presence.

When guitarists refer to the “plexiamp”, there are many variations in the tone due to the output, combo, speaker choices, and the various model differences. However, this tone is indeed the sound as played by some of the masters of rock guitar. Our Purple Plexifier aimed for that tone, the gorgeous plexi sound with some “hot rod mods” like were done by amp technicians in LA during the Sunset Strip era. The famous “brown sound” was created during this era and is still desired by guitarists all over the world – with our Purple Plexidist you can have “that sound”.

The most important thing in reproducing the plexi sound is not just the distortion – it’s meaningless to just simply distort the sound. Even at full-gain settings, if you play hard the sound will distort a lot, and if you play softer it will be clearer with just that “edge” of distortion. With the playing dynamics from just your fingers, you can control the strength of the distortion easily as well as have the articulation and details from the cleaner part of the sound. With our Purple Plexidist, you can have that same response, clean and distortion balance, and high-end details as the famous guitar amplifier.

Balance and response like the mythical amplifier itself – that’s what Björn Juhl at BJF is best at designing AIAB “amp-in-a-box” style pedals, because he is both a designer and a player who loves these classic amps.

The Purple Plexidist covers all the tones – from clean to full gain and even the customized “hot-rodded” high gain tones of the plexi style amp. You can easily have this sound with our small enclosure and simple design of 3 knobs and one trim pot. By basing the sound on the low frequencies of the guitar itself, the PPD bases the sound where the distortion initially begins and is easy to adjust. When starting out, the MIDRANGE trim pot adjusts the sound around critical treble and midrange frequencies for the guitar. Turned counterclockwise, the midrange is cut and will produce a more “shred” style of tone with big highs and lows. If you desire a tight and cutting sound, this is where you will want to start. Add some midrange, and you can hear the tone begin to warm up and get fatter. Once you find your sweet spot for the MIDRANGE trimmer, it’s time to adjust the TREBLE control to taste, adding those luxury trebles around 2kHz. If you set the MIDRANGE trimmer to a high level, the TREBLE knob will help fine-tune the tone. If the mids are cut, the TREBLE knob will be more prominent in your tone.

An amplifier-like pedal with a wide gain range from clean to distortion is what we all want. However, there are surprisingly few pedals that can effectively give you the entire range from clean to full gain like a real plexi amplifier. Purple Plexidist brings you the British clean, bluesy crunch, and brown sounds – from overdrive to hard rock/heavy metal style gain. The flexible balance and articulate response of the PPD are also effective when used to “stack” with other pedals and various guitars. For example, if you combine Britich vintage fuzz tones and a strat style guitar, you can get that legendary psychedelic sound. Plug in your jazzmaster and an American-style fuzz pedal to go to grunge land. Use a traditional-style overdrive pedal and an LP-style guitar with humbuckers and get that classic New Wave of British heavy Metal style hard rock tone.

The Purple Plexidist is our finest creation to capture the eternal sound of this classic rock guitar amplifiers. This is THE TICKET to that tone that every guitarist wants at least one time. And, we have updated our artwork to make these pedals just as visually beautiful as they sound.

Like all One Control Effects pedals, the Purple Plexidist is housed in a machined and anodized compact aluminum case, with only the best components assure years of trouble-free use. The pedal can be powered by 9v battery, but we do recommend the use of a balanced power supply to maximize the life and quality of this effect.

Overdrive/distortion pedal to emulate a vintage plexiamp.
・High response corresponding to detailed expressions
· Widely set Gain knob, Treble knob to freely adjust the tone, and Midrange trim pot.
・Can be used in combination with other pedals, guitars, etc.
・High-quality mini size case machined aluminum
・Built-in battery is also possible
- True bypass switching

Input impedance: 500K
Output impedance: 50K
Driving voltage: 9V
Current consumption: 3mA
S/N ratio: -73dB
Size: 39Wx100Dx31H mm (not including protrusions)
47Wx100Dx48H mm (including protrusions)
Weight: Approx. 160 grams (200 grams when the battery is inserted)
*Batteries are not included.

Bjorn's Description:

The Purple Plexidist by One Control is our first Amp-In-A-Box (AIAB) design. The goal was to reproduce the classic sound of that iconic late sixties amp that has a similar name.

The Purple Plexidist combines a gain range of +6db - +67db - a rare high dynamic range and a low dynamic range that is comparable to the best tube amplifiers. The tight bottom end with bright (but not harsh) highs will amaze you. Moreover, the thick mid-range, which can be scooped or flattened with the MID control, will give you fuller tone. Use this pedal to create a three-dimensional distortion by itself or use it in conjunction with the amp’s own distortion settings to create your own sound.

The true test of any distortion effect is its ability to react to any playing style and intensity. The Purple Plexidist rewards the guitarist with a feel that is rare and responsive, no matter the type of pickups. The stretchable distortion patterns that follow the musicians playing dynamics separates this compact pedal from any other on the market. Even though this pedal was designed with a specific shade of distortion in mind, it lends itself to as many styles as the musician can explore!

Purple Plexifier (PP) is a British AIAB (amp in a box) that creates the sound of rock that will last forever. It's a sound that any generation can play and enjoy. If you use it in combination with other distortion devices, the usage will be greatly expanded.
I combine it with SROD and LLYC and use PP as a distortion box.

Kaz’s Corner:

Time Trip AIAB

We were fascinated by this sound
It's no exaggeration to say that I started playing the guitar.
Guitar Heaven.
Our new pedal, Purple Plexidist!
I will give you a mysterious experience.
Our new pedal remembers your ears, mind, and brain.
It realistically reminds me of sounds like initial impulses.
I invite you to the past in an instant, and the next moment
The experience of creating inspiration for the tone of the future
I promise you.
When you get this pedal, your sound is on a time trip.
It will play the sound of the future.

PURPLE PLEXDIST Japonism Edition Manual.pdf

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