• TORNADO Fx is a new brand line from One Control, under the full supervision of Mr. TK. With this new brand, we bring a new sound tested and approved by the great Björn Juhl of BJF (Sweden) and the production of One Control (Japan).
    Mr. TK seeks an effects pedal that can create the ideal sounds in guitarist’s heads. One Control already possesses a great deal of experience in bringing to life the incredible sound designs from BJF and BJFe series pedals. However, these new designs and concept are different, so we launched this new line called TORNADO Fx to pursue the ideal sounds that TK is looking for.

Two TORNADO Drives:

  • TORNADO Drive is an overdrive pedal designed and manufactured under the supervision of TK after evaluating many opinions and ideas on what would be the pinnacle of overdrive as an effect. The first prototypes were used for several years in TK’s live performances, and adjustments were made with both BJF and TK based on the sound and feel of the pedal onstage. The first TORNADO Drive Brass, which has been improved, was incorporated into the pedalboard of the DEAD IS ALIVE TOUR 2022 – Tornado and Extend Life tour.

  • Enclosures

    "TORNADO Drive Brass" is machined brass, "TORNADO Drive Aluminium" is machined Aluminium.

  • Tone

    The tone is thick and three-dimensional, and also can be delicate and refined.

  • Accessories

    Decorated box and logo drawstring. It is not only the sound but also the details.

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TORNADO Drive Brass

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・The TORNADO Drive Brass is an overdrive pedal tailored to the equipment TK uses and his desired tone.
・Two trim pots which can fine-tune the differences in acoustic characteristics depending on the gig, whether at the venue, a recording studio, or the practice room.
・ The enclosure is cut from solid brass.
・Brass Tornado privilege : We will ship directly from Japan to the address you order.(*This privilege may end without notice.)


Level: Adjusts the volume.
Drive: Adjusts the intensity of the distortion.
Tone: Adjusts the tone.
2K: Fine-tuning the sound around the mid-range.
High Treble: Fine-tunes the edge of the top end of the tone and the balance of the entire tone.


Input impedance: 200kΩ
Output impedance: 10KΩ
Current consumption: 3.5mA
S/N: -80dB
Size: 80W x 120D x 30H mm (excluding protrusions)
  85W x 120D x 44H mm (including protrusions)
Weight: 892g
Enclosure: Machined brass

TORNADO Drive Aluminium

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・TORNADO Drive Aluminum was developed to be a great overdrive pedal for as many guitarists as possible.
・TORNADO Drive Aluminum has been tweaked to be useable with a wide variety of guitar gear, and will give great tonal results for a wide variety of players while fully meeting the standards required by TK.
・there is no trim pot on this model (like the Brass model has) so you can use it with simple controls.


Level: Adjusts the volume.
Drive: Adjusts the intensity of the distortion.
Tone: Adjusts the tone.


Input Impedance: 200kΩ
Output Impedance: 10KΩ
Current Draw: 3.5mA
S/N: -80dB
Size: 80W x 120D x 30H mm (excluding protrusions)
  85W x 120D x 44H mm (including protrusions)
Weight: 348g
Enclosure: Machined aluminum

-TK comment-

  • Effects pedals are one of the most exciting parts of any guitar rig. How will the sound inspire your playing and what kinds of new licks will you create? I also have a lot of my own favorite classic effects.

    With the TORNADO Drive, I wanted to make an effects pedal that will maximize the aggressive tones and amplify the feel coming from your fingers and pick, and I feel successful.

    With several years of precise trial and error in collaboration with BJF, I aimed to create an effects pedal that would work at live gigs, recording sessions, and also line recording for demo production. BJF’s answer to my inspiration of sound was the first step, and from there I went to One Control’s Kaz Kawamura, an old friend with the experience of both live shows and the capability to mass-produce at the factory. Through detailed exchanges across international borders, the TORNADO Drive was completed.

    Not only BJF, but also the builders at the factory who faithfully reproduces these – thank you for fulfilling the ideals in my head.

    And I hope this effects pedal will create many players’ new licks and riffs.

History of Production

Tomokaz Kaz Kawamura

I have been talking with Mr. TK about effects pedals for a long time and I have heard a lot about his attention to sound. I was very impressed with his unique theory and perspective and respected him as a musician.

We received a call from Mr. TK that he wanted to make his own signature model and a good time for the both of us.

The process is different from the previous pedals we have created, and I spent a lot of time to realize the sound that was pursued by Mr. TK, which has led to a completed effects pedal with a wonderful sound.


TK (Ling tosite sigure)

As the vocalist and guitarist of the three-piece band, Ling tosite sigure, TK also composes the tracks, writes lyrics, and works as an engineer to express his music from a sharp and unique perspective.

In 2011, TK released his first solo work, “film A moment” under the name TK from Ling tosite sigure.

As he freed himself beyond the confines of the band, his unique approach to sound leaves an intense and beautiful, yet delicate impression on audiences.
This distinctive style of music transcending all genres, is one that only TK can produce.

In addition to the activities of Ling tosite sigure and TK from Ling tosite sigure, TK stays true to his passion for sound production, including engineering, and songwriting, as well as working with various musicians and talents.

Sound Design

Björn Juhl

Mr. TK is a special artist.

I also received a very enthusiastic request for his guitar sound to play his style, how it fits the guitar amplifier, and also balance it with the vocals. TORNADO Drive is not only easy to distort the clean tone, but also to overdrive the distorted amplifier even further. I feel that it was the best pedal for playing onstage, as well

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