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TORNADO Fx is a new brand line from One Control, under the full supervision of Mr. TK. With this new brand, we bring a new sound tested and approved by the great Björn Juhl of BJF (Sweden) and the production of One Control (Japan).

Mr. TK seeks an effects pedal that can create the ideal sounds in guitarist’s heads. One Control already possesses a great deal of experience in bringing to life the incredible sound designs from BJF and BJFe series pedals. However, these new designs and concept are different, so we launched this new line called TORNADO Fx to pursue the ideal sounds that TK is looking for.

TORNADO Drive Aluminum:

The TORNADO Drive Aluminum is an overdrive pedal completed under the supervision of Mr. TK after exchanging various ideas and opinions. It is the pinnacle of overdrive as an effects pedal, and a pedal to create the sound that TK wants.

The first prototypes were used for several years in TK’s live performances, and adjustments were made with both BJF and TK based on the sound and feel of the pedal onstage. The first TORNADO Drive Brass, which has been improved, was incorporated into the pedalboard of the DEAD IS ALIVE TOUR 2022 – Tornado and Extend Life tour.

As we continued with the development of TORNADO Drive Brass, it became clear that the sound itself was wonderful. Because of the high quality of the sound, we thought that it could be tuned not only for Mr. TK – but also as an overdrive for many guitarists.

TORNADO Drive Aluminum was developed to be a great overdrive pedal for as many guitarists as possible. The TORNADO Drive used by TK himself is an overdrive made with luxurious specs that matches his gear and pursues the sound desired by TK to the utmost extent. The tone is thick and three-dimensional, and also can be delicate and refined. We have carefully worked with both of these characteristics and have created a superb overdrive that was born from BJF’s technical sensibility and TK’s commitment to tone.

High gain with clarity can easily be heard when playing complex chords, with long sustain and high performance. Special filtering by BJF has contributed to achieve a most beautiful sound. From stadium-level playing to playing in your own room, you can get the best sound at any volume.

TORNADO Drive Aluminum has been tweaked to be useable with a wide variety of guitar gear, and will give great tonal results for a wide variety of players while fully meeting the standards required by TK. As the model name suggests, the housing is made of custom machined aluminum. Also, there is no trim pot on this model (like the Brass model has) so you can use it with simple controls. There are also some differences in the component values in the circuit as well.

TK himself may use the TORNADO Drive Aluminum when recording lines. The TORNADO Drive Aluminum is not only for fans, but also for many guitarists. Mr. TK wants it to be an overdrive pedal that can be used by as many guitarists as possible, and the TORNADO Drive Aluminum is the finished result.

It’s impossible for anyone to play with the exact same equipment and environment as Mr. TK. That’s why we want you to try the TORNADO Drive Aluminum, which we feel is the best overdrive for many guitarists – for those who want to try and get Mr. TK’s sound, but also for players of any genre. This pedal is a gift from TK to guitarists everywhere.

- Level: Adjusts the volume.
- Drive: Adjusts the intensity of the distortion.
- Tone: Adjusts the tone.

- Input Impedance:200kΩ
- Output Impedance:10KΩ
- Current Draw:3.5mA
- S/N: -80dB
- Size: 80W x 120D x 30H mm (excluding protrusions)
   85W x 120D x 44H mm (including protrusions)
- Weight: 348g
- Enclosure: Machined aluminum


TORNADO Fx TORNADO Drive Aluminium.pdf


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