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Baby Blue OD (OC-BBODn)

Baby Blue OD (OC-BBODn)

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Designed by pedal guru Bjorn Juhl (BJF/BJFe), the One Control Baby Blue Overdrive is based on the BJFe creation FUZZ 1 (originally released in 2000), utilizing a discrete circuit that combines dynamic overdrive and fuzz. The Baby Blue OD produces sublime tone at reduced rhythm volumes as well as cranked up lead output, whether set to a low gain clean, or a saturated wall of sound. Often compared to the most sought after boutique American style tube amplifier, the Baby Blue OD utilizes the finest modern components, painstakingly selected and tuned by Bjorn Juhl himself, to produce this classic, NOS sound.

Volume: Adjusts overall volume.
Drive: Set the type/character of distortion. At lower settings, it delivers softer distortion. At higher settings, the tone is more compressed, with more sustain.
Treble: Adjusts the high frequency component of the output signal. The response is high, so depending on your setup, you may find the best results with the control dialed quite low. Start around noon and dial back if too bright.


Input impedance: 240 K

Output impedance: 25K

Drive voltage: 9V DC, center negative

Current Consumption: 1.5 mA

Size: 31 (W) x 113 (D) x 61 (H) mm (excluding knobs)

Weight: 295g

True-Bypass Switching

High Quality Aluminum Enclosure

Bjorn's Description:
Coming Soon!


Baby Blue OD Manual.pdf


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