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Minimal Series DC Porter All In One Pack (OC-DCP-AIO)

Minimal Series DC Porter All In One Pack (OC-DCP-AIO)

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The DC Power power supply is the first of its kind.  What makes it different than other pedal board power supplies?  It's USB powered.

This unique power supply is powered by a micro USB B and a:

  • USB Wall Adapter


  • Portable Charger/Mobile Battery Bank

With 10x center-negative 9V DC outputs, make your entire pedalboard completely portable.  Nowadays, everyone carries a portable charger or their phone charger.  For this reason, One Control designed a minimal power supply that can be powered in any given situation.

The DC Porter is also available in an All-In-One pack, which includes:


  • 5 VDC USB Type A Adapter (2A)

  • 1x USB Micro B cable

  • 1x DC-15-LS

  • 3X DC-30-LS

  • 3X DC-50-LS

  • 3x DC-70-LS


Input: USB Micro B
Outputs: 10x DC 9V center-negative outputs
Max: 1000mA
Weight: 220g
Size: 39mm  x 98mm x 34mm

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