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Minimal Series Stereo 1Loop Box (OC-M-ST1L )

Minimal Series Stereo 1Loop Box (OC-M-ST1L )

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One Control Minimal Series Stereo 1Loop Box is a single loop switcher made for a stereo setup with two amplifiers or running direct into the mixer for recording or live performance. All the connections on the MSS1LB (inputs, outputs, effects loop sends and returns) support TRS (tip/ring/sleeve) stereo connectors. For mono functionality, we have added an “M/S” switch to allow you to use the standard cable as stereo from the input. Also, if the mono input signal is stereoized by the effects connected to the effects loop, it can be output in stereo, making the MSS1LB one of the most functional Minimal Series boxes to date.

Switching modes can be set to either “Normal” or “Rapid” modes. In the N position, the switch functions as a latching-type switch that will engage the loop ON/OFF every time the footswitch is depressed. In the R position, the switch becomes a momentary switch that engages the loop only while stepping on the footswitch. This can be used creatively to do ‘stutter” effects and many other uses.

One Control has once again created an answer to many player’s requests for a versatile and simple loop switcher with options for mono/stereo and latch/momentary capabilities within our Minimal Series to keep it efficient.



Switch according to the device you are connecting to.

M position: Mono input → Stereo send, return, output

S position: Stereo input → Stereo send, return, output

Mono input → mono send, return, output

Stereo input → mono send, return, output


Foot switch mode:

・Connect the adapter while holding down the foot switch.

・The LED flashes quickly twice and sets the foot switch mode.

・When the LED is off, the foot switch is in Normal mode. When you press the foot switch, the LED lights up and enters Rapid mode.

・Remove the adapter and turn off the power while turning off the LED in either normal or Rapid mode.

・If you connect the adapter as it is without pressing the footswitch, the main unit will work in the mode you just set.

Minimal Series Stereo 1Loop Box Manual.pdf

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