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[10%OFF SALE!] Baby Blue OD Limited BJFE Style (OC-BBODn-BJ)

[10%OFF SALE!] Baby Blue OD Limited BJFE Style (OC-BBODn-BJ)

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The One Control Baby Blue Overdrive, adorned with Limited Edition BJFe Graphics, pays homage to a pivotal moment in the history of effects pedals. This pedal isn’t just a tool for guitarists—it’s a testament to Bjorn Juhl’s innovative spirit and meticulous craftsmanship.

Released originally on December 16, 2000 as the “Fuzz1,” this overdrive pedal has evolved, maintaining its reputation for blending dynamic overdrive with fuzz, now reincarnated for a wider audience without the reliance on NOS parts.

The Baby Blue OD’s origins are steeped in innovation. Initially dubbed the “Fuzz1,” it was groundbreaking in its ability to marry overdrive and fuzz into a discrete circuit. This pedal wasn’t just for cranking up large output amps; it could make small amps sing even at lower volumes, making it a versatile tool for any gigging or studio guitarist. Its ability to seamlessly transition from clean tones to driven textures set it apart in a market where such versatility was rare.

One intriguing facet of the Baby Blue OD’s history is its tonal similarity to a renowned custom guitar amplifier, often referred to in hushed tones by guitar aficionados. This resemblance sparked extensive debate, though Bjorn Juhl himself insisted it was mere coincidence. The sound he envisioned was inspired by traditional American combo amplifiers, and any parallels to other high-end gear were unintentional yet serendipitous.


Handcrafted Legacy Meets Modern Accessibility:

The original Baby Blue OD pedals were handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, often using rare NOS parts. However, the One Control Baby Blue OD democratizes this iconic tone. By forgoing NOS components, BJF ensured more guitarists could access this revered sound. Through rigorous testing and hands-on crafting, the One Control Baby Blue OD maintains the sonic integrity of its predecessor, offering players the same responsive and dynamic experience.


Control at Your Fingertips:

The control layout of the Baby Blue OD is straightforward yet incredibly effective:
VOLUME: Adjusts the overall output level.
DRIVE: This knob is where the magic happens. It spans a wide range of gain, from sensitive, nuanced overdrive at lower settings to robust, compressed distortion as you crank it up. The drive control ensures your tone remains stable regardless of the setting.

TREBLE: This knob adjusts the high-frequency output. The treble response is so high that some players may find the best balance at the minimum setting, but starting around 2 o’clock offers a great foundation for further tweaking.


Playability and Tone:

The Baby Blue OD excels in delivering playability and tone that inspires. Each note and chord benefits from the pedal’s fast response and unique warmth, allowing overtones to shine without overshadowing the primary tones. Even complex chords retain their clarity, making this pedal a joy for both lead and rhythm players. The overdrive’s ability to produce a “comfortable” sound is a testament to Björn Juhl’s dedication to creating an effect that feels as good as it sounds. Conclusion The One Control Baby Blue Overdrive with Limited Edition BJFe Graphics is more than just a pedal; it’s a piece of history reimagined for today’s guitarist. Whether you’re a tone purist or a player seeking a versatile and expressive overdrive, the Baby Blue OD is a worthy addition to your pedalboard. Its blend of overdrive and fuzz, coupled with its rich history and Bjorn Juhl’s legendary design ethos, makes it a standout in any collection.



Input impedance: 240 K
Output impedance: 25K
Drive voltage: 9V DC, center negative
Current Consumption: 1.5 mA
Size: 61Wx113Dx31H mm (not including protrusions)
66Wx113Dx46H mm (including protrusions)
Weight: Approximately 295 grams (335 grams when the battery is inserted)

※Batteries are not included.


Baby Blue OD Limited BJFE Style Manual .pdf


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