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Blue Bee OD 4K Mini (OC-BLBOD4K-M)

Blue Bee OD 4K Mini (OC-BLBOD4K-M)

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▼Custom Version

Blue Bee OD 4K Mini Custom


The One Control Blue Bee OD 4K Mini is a legendary amp-like pedal and one of the most famous BJFE overdrives, a custom model based on the Honey Bee OD. It is a gained-up version of overdrive, with features that many players had requested from BJF after playing the original Honey Bee OD.

Although the BBOD4K is a mini size pedal that can be installed without taking up space on various pedal boards, BJF's own long-standing research has made it possible to reproduce the original tone, even with small SMD parts. The design method is different between the conventional handmade pedals that use through-hole parts and the mini style pedals. In the mini pedal, there is an influence of "ghost components" that do not exist as "parts" and do not appear on the circuit, so if you simply make it with the same schematic, the sound will be different. BJF reproduced the sound of the BJFE original pedal, considering all the effects from the characteristics of the parts to the ghost components. The result is a mini-size pedal that satisfies BJF himself. And we also use the art style of BJFE for the pedal design.

The characteristics of a flat low end reminiscent of the American-style combo amplifier and the tone created by the sharp and tight top end remain the same, with an added overtone component and more gain. It's a tone that seems to be one step closer to modern than our Silver Bee OD. Although the distortion itself is strong, it is a superb tone that manages to balance the transparency and gain.

The 2-band equalizer has a wide range, and you can easily control the balance of your tone. The smoothness of responsiveness to the controls also leads to ease of use. The T-knob can control the brightness of the tone, both high-frequency components and overtone components, and create a drive tone with a beautiful metallic sound. The B knob is centered on critical frequencies in the low mid and can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the stage, the amplifier, and the guitar.

The Blue Bee has a tone with a little thickness added to it while having the expressive power to control the tone easily with your fingers, bringing added gain and articulation with playing strength.

V: Adjusts the overall volume.
D: Adjusts the strength of the distortion.
T: Controls the tone, focusing on high-frequency components.
B: Adjusts the balance of the tone according to the characteristics of the amplifier, mainly near the low mid.

Input impedance: 320k
Output impedance: 25K
Drive voltage: 9V center minus
Current consumption: 3.6mA
S/N ratio: -80dBm
Size: 39Wx100Dx31H mm (not including protrusions)
47Wx100Dx48H mm (including protrusions)
Weight: about 160 grams (200 grams when the battery is inserted)

※Batteries are not included.


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