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LWP Series 5Loop Switcher with Tuner Out Kit (OC-LWP-LWP5L)

LWP Series 5Loop Switcher with Tuner Out Kit (OC-LWP-LWP5L)

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A loop switcher is required to control multiple effects pedals easily. This simple non-programmable True Bypass Switcher which can put the effect foot switch in front is the best switcher for small to medium-sized pedal boards.

The LWP Series 5Loop Switcher with Tuner Out Kit features 5 effect loops and 1 tuner out, without taking up much space on the pedal board, so you can save your precious pedalboard real estate. In addition, six DC power outputs can power the effects, loop, and tuner.

For example, it is possible to put all switching of the effects placed in two rows on the board in front, as well as supply power to all 5 effectors and pedal tuners. This switcher can eliminate the dedicated power supply that takes up pedalboard space with just one unit.

While miniaturizing the depth that takes up space to a minimum, the width emphasizes operability. Saving this much space, the foot switches have a spacing of 52 mm due to research from many players; so it reduces troubles such as mistakes in stepping.

This is a kit that allows you to make such a 5-loop switcher yourself. There are many parts, but the production is easy, and it is also ideal for making an effects unit for the first time. For building, you need solder, a soldering iron, and some diagonal cutters/nippers.

Production time: about 60 to 90 minutes

LWP Series 5Loop Switcher with Tuner Out Kit Manual.pdf

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