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【10%OFF!】LWP Series AB Box Kit (OC-LWP-LWPAB)

【10%OFF!】LWP Series AB Box Kit (OC-LWP-LWPAB)

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The A/B box is a device that can switch one signal input between two systems.
A passive A/B box that can be used to switch the output destination of the guitar or bass, and also to switch between a guitar and bass itself.
It can be used both as an output selector and an input selector.
This is a kit that allows you to make such an A/B box yourself.

The A/B Box is mini-size and easy to handle and doesn't take up much space on the pedalboard. The power supply is only used to light the LED, so if you don't need to use the LED, it will work fine even if there is no power supply.

It's easy to make and it's also perfect for those building an effects pedal for the first time. You need solder, a soldering iron, a screwdriver, and some diagonal cutters/nippers for to build.

Production time required: about 20 minutes


LWP Series AB Box Kit Manual.pdf

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