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Minimal Series Distro MKII Isolated (OC-M-PD2-ISO)

Minimal Series Distro MKII Isolated (OC-M-PD2-ISO)

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One Control Minimal Series Distro MKII Isolated Power Supply

Our new MSDMKII does not take up much space on your pedalboard and supplies power to many effects with confidence. One Control's power supply has been created to be reliable, compact, and easy to use.

Minimal Series Distro MKII Isolated is an isolated power supply that is as compact as possible, but fully independent of all outputs. Although it is compact size, it has 10 DC Outs and it can supply power to many effects using the dedicated included adapter.

A new feature is the four 9V/500mA outputs. Currently, it is common for multiple digital effects and multi-effects to be used on pedalboards. In order to work with the effects that require those large currents, we have equipped four large output terminals of 500mA. From these terminals, you can also use branch cables such as One Control Daisy Chain Five to operate multiple compact pedals.

In addition, it is equipped with four 9V/80mA terminals that can connect low-current analog distortion effects, and a 9V/250mA end that can connect effects with a large current consumption such as a compact reverb effect. One of them can also increase the voltage in the range of 9-18V (125mA at 18V) by using the SAG knob.

In addition, each power terminal is independent, so it comes with a Y-shaped cable that allows you to combine two 9V terminals to add current. If you add two 80mA terminals together, it can be used as a 160mA terminal. You can have much more flexibility with the power arrangement on your pedalboard.

●What is an independent power supply?
A power supply supplies power. Therefore, any normal adapter itself is also classified as a power supply, but when we speak of pedalboard power supplies, it is a source that can output power to multiple devices with one unit.
An independent power supply, refers to that all terminals are insulated (isolated), and although it is one source, each terminal can be used in the same way as using a separate adapter.
Because the internal structure required for one terminal is complicated, it is a little larger than a general branched power supply, but there is no noise even if you use a mixture of digital and analog effects. You can use the MSDMDKII with confidence.
In addition, with old-style analog circuits noise may occur when the supply current capacity is large, but if it is a 9V/80mA terminal, noise caused by such a large current capacity can be avoided.

The Minimal Series Distro MKII Isolated can power a variety of effectors for the best performance by providing not only large output terminals but also small output terminals.

・Compact size completely independent/isolated power supply
- 10 DC out terminals with large output to small output
・Large output 500mA terminal that also supports digital effects
- Small output 80mA terminal to operate analog pedals optimally
- SAG terminal that can be changed to 9-18V (try this with your dirt pedals!)
- 10 DC cables included.
・A Y-shaped cable that adds current capacity by combining two terminals.

4 x DC 9V/500mA terminal
4 x DC 9V/80mA terminal
1 x DC 9V/250mA terminal
1 x DC 9V / 250mA to 18V/125mA SAG terminal
※All outputs are center minus.

1 x dedicated 12V/4A adapter
1 x 15 cm LS
3 x 30 cm LS
3 x 50 cm LS
3 x 70 cm LS
1 x Y-shaped cable
Rubber feet

Size: 120Wx70Dx35H mm
Weight: Approx. 393g


Minimal Series Distro MKII Isolated Manual.pdf


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