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Minimal Series White Loop with BJF Buffer (OC-M-WL2)

Minimal Series White Loop with BJF Buffer (OC-M-WL2)

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One Control Minimal Series White Loop with the world-class switchable BJF Buffer that can be turned on/off on the input and can instantly cut the Loop channel. It is a 2-Loop switcher that adopts the Flash Loop System that can be replaced. In addition, you can supply power to two DC OUTs. The White Loop can be used as a true bypass or with BJF buffer flash loop switcher while supplying power to the effects connected to the respective effect loops RED and GREEN.

The two loops can be switched easily with the GREEN/RED switch.

  • By connecting to the tuner from the SEND of one effects loop, it can be used as a mute switch and tuner out.
  • If you connect the first amplifier from the output, the effect to one effect loop, and the second amplifier from one SEND, it will be directly connected to the first amplifier when LOOP OFF, and the first amplifier will be directly connected to the first amplifier by switching the loop when it is ON. You can switch between the effects loop and the second amplifier directly.

LOOP/OFF: Switches the selected LOOP and bypass.

GREEN/RED: Switches the selected loop. When you select RED, the LED on the left will turn red, and when you select GREEN, it will turn green.

If the BJF Buffer in the input part is set to OFF, it can also be operated without power (the LEDs do not light up.)


This amazing circuit is installed in many of the switching products from One Control. It is one of the most natural-sounding buffer circuits ever created that changes the image people have from using old buffer circuits that degraded the tone of their instruments.


Precise Unity Gain setting to 1
Input impedance will not change the tone
Will not make output signal too strong
Ultra-low noise output
When the input is overloaded, will not degrade the output tone.

Created at the request of many of the world’s greatest guitarists by Björn Juhl­-one of the greatest amp and effects designers in the world-the BJF Buffer is the answer to keeping your tone pristine in all sorts of signal chains, from the stage to the studio.

When more effects are connected later, the more critical a buffer is. This is the function of incorporating the BJF Buffer into the input. By turning on the BJF Buffer, you can stabilize the overall tone to a warm and natural sound with less signal loss and degradation.

White Loop with BJF Buffer works with a center-negative DC9V adapter. The capacity of the current supplied by DC Out depends on the adapter you are using. Batteries cannot be used.

Size: 61D x 111W x 31H mm (not including protrusions)
66D x 121W x 49H mm (including protrusions)
Weight: 390g

Minimal Series – “Sophisticated Functionality”

The One Control Minimal Series eliminates all waste in the manufacturing process of pedals, achieves the most compact size, and consolidates simple but sophisticated functionality. These are pedals that have earned the name Minimal.

For this series One Control has devised and realized an innovative PCB layout that can ensure both speed and precision in the manufacturing process, as well as strength in construction with high quality parts. Production efficiency has improved, reducing unnecessary hand labor and waste and helping to lower the price without lowering the quality.

OC Minimal Series also achieves minimal size housings for the pedals so they can be used without taking up much space on your pedalboard or under your feet. Built to last, built to be stepped on, and built to fit anywhere you need them. Purpose-built solutions with exactly what you need, and nothing more. Switching is Easy with One Control!


Minimal Series White Loop with BJF Buffer Manual.pdf


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