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【10%OFF SALE!】BJF-S66 with FS-P3S (OC-S66WFS)

【10%OFF SALE!】BJF-S66 with FS-P3S (OC-S66WFS)

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Over the past few decades, Björn Juhl has crafted and designed amplifiers for famous players and studio performers all over the world. However, the price points of his hand-made amplifiers have put them out of reach for the majority of guitarists. The BJF-S66 makes Bjorn's designs and vision attainable for players on any budget.

For the BJF-S66, Juhl identified the legendary American black-face amps built in the mid-1960's as the basis for his tonal palette. These amps have long been celebrated as great "plug & play" amplifiers, as well as fantastic pedal platforms for guitarists who enjoy having a lot of tonal variety at their feet.

BJF-S66 uses an extremely efficient Class D power amp design, and the preamp is a discrete, solid-state all analog signal path for pure tone.

The ultra compact BJF-S66 features 2 channels - rhythm and lead, with adjustable lead boost - plus 3-band EQ controls, a bright switch, channel-specific reverb level and decay controls, and tremolo controls.

On the rear panel, you'll find an Effects Loop Send/Return, Preamp Out, Speaker Out and footswitch inputs. Channel select, FX loop (on/off), and tremolo (on/off) are all optionally controllable via footswitch, either separately or using the custom FS-P3 3-way footswitch (sold separately).

The BJF-S66 can drive speakers from 4 ohms to 16 ohms. Power output: 100W @ 4 Ohms / 66W @ 8 ohm / 30W @ 16ohm.

With modern design and build techniques, the BJF-S66 captures the essence of that famed mid-60's sound, while being small and light enough to fit into a gig bag and robust enough to handle the rigors of the road.

・Input impedance: 1 MΩ
・Output: 30W / 16Ω | 66W / 8Ω | 100W / 4Ω
・3 band EQ (shared)
・BASS: 70Hz + -20dB
・MID: 450Hz +-10dB
・TREBLE: 2KHz + -20 dB
・BRIGHT switch: +10 dB at 4 KHz
・Tremolo (shared): DEPTH & SPEED

Footswitch: FX Loop (ON/OFF), Channel Select, and Tremolo (ON/OFF) can all be controlled via footswitch, using either the One Control FS-P3 (sold separately) or one or more standard, single-latching footswitches

Size: 26.5 (W) × 9.5 (D) × 10.3 (H) cm (not including knobs)
Weight: 1.62 kg


The One Control FS-P3S is a footswitch that can be directly connected to the BJF-S series amplifiers. The FS-P3S uses the included CAT5 style cable and connects to the footswitch terminal on the rear panel of the BJF-S series amplifiers.

You can control the effect loops, switch the channel of the amplifier, and bring in the effect at your feet easily. The current settings are easy to see at a glance with the three LED lights of the FS-P3S, and do not require connecting a separate power supply.

The new smaller format of the FS-P3S works well with many smaller boards, while the previous FS-P3 model has a longer yet narrower format. Each of these units will work with either of the BJF-S series amplifiers.

Size: 11.0 (W) x 5.9 (D) x 5.8 (H) cm including protrusions
Weight: 366g
Attached cable: 3m


BJF-S66 with FS-P3S Manual.pdf

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