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Agamidae Tail Loop (OC-6V)

Agamidae Tail Loop (OC-6V)

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#6~10, #No-Clean-Blend, #No-MIDI-Functions, #No-Separate-Loops, #No-Split-Out, #Non-Buffer, #Not-Flash-Loop, #Programmable, #Reptile-Series, #Slim-Switcher, #Split-Out, #Switcher,

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The Agamidae Tail Loop is One Control's entry level programmable switching system for guitar effects. We wanted to make an incredibly compact programmable switcher with all the important features a musician needs. The Agamidae Tail features 6 loops, 100 presets (20 banks, 5 programs per bank) and six 9V DC outputs to power your effects pedals. You can also use Direct/Edit Mode to engage each effect loop individually for manual cpontrol of your pedalboard as inspiration strikes you. Recall Mode will bring up one of your 100 possible presets, and the Master Bypass function allows the player to bypass the switcher and all effects with the simple push of a button. All loops are true-bypass. Power the ATL with an industry standard 9V DC center-negative adapter. We recommend the One Control EPA-2000 model for low noise and reliability.


Agamidae Tail Loop Manual.pdf


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