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DC Porter Nano (OC-DCP-N)

DC Porter Nano (OC-DCP-N)

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#9V-Output, #No-18V-Output, #No-Clean-Blend, #No-MIDI-Functions, #No-Separate-Loops, #No-Split-Out, #Non-Buffer, #Not-Flash-Loop, #Not-Programmable, #Power-Series, #Power-Supply, #Split-Out, #Switcher, #USB-Power, #Utility-Boxes, #Utility-Boxes/Power-Supplies,

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Many guitarists are always seeking simpler solutions to power their pedals. The One Control 
DC Porter Nano model is one of the lightest and easiest to use power supplies on the market, as it is powered by any USB power source! You can use various USB power supplies such as cellphone chargers or computers, as well as various power banks, batteries, and even solar powered devices. The DC Porter Nano converts USB power into a standard center negative DC power supply for your pedalboard. These can be especially useful in high electrical noise environments, where using clean battery power can provide lower noise in your signal. Power your board with everything from your cellphone charger to a solar panel with the DC Porter Nano!

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