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Minimal Series BJF Buffer (OC-M-BUF)

Minimal Series BJF Buffer (OC-M-BUF)

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The image of buffers has been unfairly maligned in the music press and in the gear forum community for many years. With the advent of more true-bypass pedals and musicians getting pickier about their tone, many started to wonder why their tone was not as powerful as before when using a few pedals in series. Even with all true-bypass pedals, the cable lengths and varied capacitance values can affect your tone strength and tone. The BJF Buffer fixes this in our Minimal Series enclosure.

We have installed this exact buffer circuit into many of the one Control switchers. The completely natural sounding buffer circuit will change your mind about having a buffer in your pedalboard signal path.

Björn Juhl from BJFe designed this buffer to help with the varied cable lengths and true bypass pedals in the signal chain. The BJF Buffer will help amplify the signal without changing the apparent volume or distortion, adding some toughness and strength to your sound. There are professionals all over the world who have the BJF Buffer circuit on their pedalboards. Give your tone a bigger signal without adding more noise, distortion, or overload of the amplifier preamp.

Another useful feature of the BJF Buffer is the Phase Inversion switch. The sound of musical instruments is a wave that travels through the air. Frequency is pitch and the vibration width is the amplitude. The sound of an instrument is composed of multiple waves like this mixed together. Phase is simply the position where the wave begins. Even if the waveform is the same, changing the starting position will completely change the movement of the air at that moment. With only a single note, the phase has much less effect on timbre. However, with multiple sounds such as guitar and bass, the difference in phase will affect the sound.

If you listen to a sound with the same waveform and inverted phase at the same distance from the sound source, the waveforms cancel each other out and you cannot hear a sound at all. Conversely, if you listen to sounds with the same waveform and phase at the same distance from the sound source, the waveforms will overlap, and you will hear a louder volume. By cancelling and overlapping these waves, the difference between “sounds that come out” and “sounds that do not come out” becomes apparent within a band setting.

The Phase Inversion switch is used to restore the phase that may be inverted depending on the characteristics of the equipment, or to match the phase of other instruments. The theory behind this can be confusing – but you don’t have to worry over difficult things. Make a sound with the band or ensemble at rehearsal and set the switch to the setting that sounds best to your ears. Being in phase with the other instruments will help your sound to project strongly with the band. Let’s make your tone stronger along with the whole band with the One Control Minimal Series BJF Buffer!

Minimal Series – “Sophisticated Functionality”

The One Control Minimal Series eliminates all waste in the manufacturing process of pedals, achieves the most compact size, and consolidates simple but sophisticated functionality. These are pedals that have earned the name Minimal.

For this series One Control has devised and realized an innovative PCB layout that can ensure both speed and precision in the manufacturing process, as well as strength in construction with high quality parts. Production efficiency has improved, reducing unnecessary hand labor and waste and helping to lower the price without lowering the quality.

OC Minimal Series also achieves minimal size housings for the pedals so they can be used without taking up much space on your pedalboard or under your feet. Built to last, built to be stepped on, and built to fit anywhere you need them. Purpose-built solutions with exactly what you need, and nothing more. Switching is Easy with One Control!

● Specs 
Size: 94D x 42W x 34H mm 
Weight: 238g 
Current consumption: 3mA 
Power supply: Center minus DC9V adapter 
* Batteries cannot be used. 

Minimal Series BJF Buffer.pdf


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