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Minimal Series MIDI Solo Stereo Loop Inspired by Josh Smith (OC-M-SSL-JS)

Minimal Series MIDI Solo Stereo Loop Inspired by Josh Smith (OC-M-SSL-JS)

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As one of the leading innovators in pedalboard technology, One Control continues to listen to the working studio and performance professionals like guitarist Josh Smith. The One Control SSL unit was created by his request for a MIDI controlled stereo loop pedal to help tame his rig. Let’s let Josh explain the design philosophy behind the SSL:

"ONE CONTROL has once again solved a problem that guitar players didn't know they had. I went looking for a single MIDI switchable stereo loop only to realize IT DIDN’T EXIST. When I reached out to ONE CONTROL, they realized it as well. This is an incredibly useful tool that I know many guitar players will need.

I've put together a few rigs using other manufacturer’s existing solutions that are standalone true bypass MIDI switchable loop boxes. They are all only mono loops. The One Control SSL enables me to put stereo pedals after them and still control bypass via MIDI, having those pedals out of the signal path when not being used. I couldn't believe that no other company had made this yet. It accepts both mono and stereo input. I have it on one of my boards after the Morningstar ML5 with a Line 6 H9 in its loop. I have two on another board after a Voodoo Lab Hex with another Line 6 H9 and a Poly Digit in their loops.”

Once again, One Control is the solution to what serious players like Josh require in their touring and studio pedalboard needs. Check out the SSL for a MIDI controllable true stereo loop!



The One Control SSL was created to be the smallest stereo 1 loop switcher controlled by MIDI. The SSL provides a simple method to expand pedals with a midi controller/switcher. The side encode switch allows users to assign midi channel 1 through 4 to the loop and the relay-based design ensures minimum signal loss.

Any standard 9VDC center-negative power supplies can be used.
LED light is on when the loop is engaged.
3.LOOP SEND (Stereo):
Sends the input signal via this jack when the loop is engaged, usually connected to the input of guitar pedals.
4.LOOP RETURN (Stereo):
The signal output from the external guitar pedals is connected here.
5.INPUT (Stereo):
Input Jack.
6.OUTPUT (Stereo):
Output Jack.
Receives MIDI messages from midi controller/switcher.
Toggle switch allows user to setup the different input/output cables.
Left side (M>S mark): Mono Input vs. Stereo Send/Return/Output.
Right side: i. Stereo Input vs. Stereo Send/Return/Output.
ii. Mono Input vs. Mono Send/Return/Output.
iii. Stereo Input vs. Mono Send/Return/Output.
9.MIDI Channel Encoder:
The encoder sets the working midi channel (1~4).

-How it works
When the SSL is powered up, the LED blinks to indicate the working midi channel - for example, the LED blinks once on channel 1, blinks 4 times on channel 4. SSL is able to be controlled by either Program Change (PC) number or Control Change (CC) number.
PC#: 0 off, 1 on. CC#: Controller 102, Value 0~63 off, Value 64~127 on.
CURRENT DRAW: max. 100 mA
DIMENSIONS: 35x48x98 mm 1.38x1.89x3.85 Inch
WEIGHT: 127g 4.48oz.

Minimal Series MIDI Solo Stereo Loop Inspired by Josh Smith Manual.pdf

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