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Minimal Series Pedal Board Junction Box 4M (OC-M-JB4M)

Minimal Series Pedal Board Junction Box 4M (OC-M-JB4M)

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The One Control Pedal Board Junction Box 4M is part of our Minimal Series, which offers many useful tools for modern musicians who have increasingly complex pedalboard needs. The JB4M comes with two pairs of 1/4" mono jacks, two pairs of 1/4" TRS (tip/ring/sleeve) jacks, and a pair of MIDI jacks which are all respectively connected to each other. The Junction Box 4M is perfect for a pedalboard that requires mono inputs and outputs, a switching control for amplifiers via the 1/4" mono/stereo jacks, an effects loop for time based effects processors, or a MIDI control for amplifiers or programmable effects processors to change patches on the fly.The JB4M is like a Swiss Army Knife of options for your pedalboard!

Minimal Series Pedal Board Junction Box 4M Manual.pdf

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