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Waterproof Bag for BJF-S (Waterproof Bag for BJF-S)

Waterproof Bag for BJF-S (Waterproof Bag for BJF-S)

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Designed for the BJF-S66 amplifier head, the One Control Waterproof bag is a solid and safe solution to transport your amp in all conditions. With a waterproof exterior bag that has a detachable shoulder strap, quick-lok snaps to keep the bag closed, and a classy OC logo on the bottom right, this bag will keep you looking cool and your amp safe at the same time. Inside is another bag that zips shut from the top, and has separate compartments to carry the BJF-S66, the power supply, and FS-P3 footswitch, along with a few cables and effects pedals. For the guitarist who likes to travel light and doesn't like to rely on "house amps" or backline, the BJF-S66 amp bag gives one the ability to carry nearly your whole rig in one stylish solution.

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