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MASTER8 JAPAN X One Control Collaboration Pick

Here at our official One Control brand web shop, we have our full line of switchers, effects pedals - and nearly everything you need to equip your pedalboard. If you purchase more than one pedal effect in your order from. December 20th onwards, we will give you a present from Japan – custom-made MASTER 8 JAPAN X One Control Collaboration Guitar Picks.

This promo will continue until the picks run out, so don’t wait to make your order.

Collaboration Pick

MASTER 8 JAPAN × One Control

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Specifications and Details

Thickness: 0.88mm
Shape: Traditional Teardrop
Non-slip: MASTER 8 Emblem Sand Grip

This is a custom bespoke pick model for One Control with different specs from the standard guitar pick line. The thickness is 0.88mm, which is not available in the standard INFINIX HARD POLISH lineup, and the tip has a rounded traditional teardrop shape. The INFINIX HARD POLISH material is characterized by a fat tone combined with pliability and responsiveness. This pick sounds great for rhythm backing tracks as well as single-line solos and melody play. The feel from effortlessly grazing the strings to digging in tight is the most important characteristic that differentiates these custom picks from others.


MASTER 8 JAPAN is headquartered at Ikeda Industry Corporation, which was founded in 1967. It is the only factory in Japan specializing in guitar pick O.E.M. manufacturing. Master 8 Japan is the first proprietary brand to be released for international distribution under Ikeda Picks.
Ikeda Picks ships huge amounts of products to countries all over the world. All products are built in our factory with our superior materials, moulding, polishing and stamping technologies. We support many professional touring and studio musicians to obtain their valuable feedback so we can continue to make the finest picks available. We are extremely accurate in choosing the right picks for their individual performing and recording style to get the best possible feedback.

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*This promo will continue until the picks run out, so don’t wait to make your order.

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